We recognize that the tangible value of a property is its ability to produce income. All of our leasing and property management efforts are considered with this principle in mind. After all, leases are the cornerstone of cash flow for our properties.

3,500 leases completed
$1.75 billion in leasing consideration

Our leasing process is lucid: identify, investigate, contact, and cultivate. We begin by identifying potential leasing opportunities in our targeted high-growth markets. Then, we cultivate strong brokerage relationships, seek out high-quality tenants, and match those tenants with opportunities in our portfolio. With innovative solutions to challenging leasing situations, and a proactive leasing approach, we’re able to deliver comprehensive and integrated leasing services for all of our properties.

HOOPs (High Occupancy Optimization Plan)

Our value creation is driven by the implementation of our High Occupancy Optimization Plan (HOOPs). HOOPs is a set of proactive policies and procedures relating to marketing vacant space and retaining our tenants.

The goals of HOOPs include:

  • Maximizing occupancy
  • Shortening down-time on vacancies
  • Enhancing net effective rents
  • Improving tenant retention rates
  • Instilling a collaborative environment among our management and leasing professionals
  • Managing compliance with the program’s high standards

Our entire operating platform is designed to minimize risk, maximize return, and deliver a superior work environment for our tenants. HOOPs is one of the many tools we use to make this possible.

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