Asset Management

The primary focus of our asset management operating platform is minimizing risk and maximizing return while consistently delivering a superior and sustainable work environment for our tenants. Our tenants also experience top-of-the-line customer service, as the majority of our properties have on-site management with hands-on managers and staff.

LEED certification
Energy Star and sustainability leader
Superior work enviornments
High-quality amenities

Astute asset management is all about sizing up the strategic significance of value-creating decisions and linking these decisions to plausible courses of action. We deliver on this principle through the following methods:

  • Constantly focusing on creating, enhancing, and maintaining value
  • Maintaining rigorous due diligence for our real estate investment decisions
  • Reducing building life-cycle costs to benefit tenants
  • Attaining Energy Star and LEED ratings to reflect sustainability

VOP (Value Optimization Plan)

What separates Parallel Capital Partners from others in our field is our commitment to delivering value—and this is reflected in our VOP, or value optimization plan. Our VOP is a comprehensive blueprint, jointly prepared by our leasing, finance, property, and asset management teams. This plan enables us to identify property value creation opportunities in terms of physical improvement, operational efficiencies, and leasing potential.

When it comes to implementing our value optimization plan, we ask the following key questions:

  • What will physically be done to the property to enhance value post acquisition?
  • What are the prime drivers that determine pricing relative to the competitive set?
  • How and to whom will our space be marketed?

The answers to these questions help us form a clear picture of the steps and methods we need to take in order to succeed at managing the property after acquisition.

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