Our acquisition support system focuses on the operating principles, technologies, and methods we use to acquire commercial real estate. We invest in value-added and core-plus properties located in the Western United States and Hawaii. The founders of Parallel Capital Partners have closed more than 140 acquisitions covering 28.3 million square feet and $4 billion in consideration over the last 20 years.

140+ acquisitions
$4 billion in acquisition volume

Successful acquisitions are only possible through clarity of purpose, an unrelenting drive to succeed, and a lot of hard work. That’s why we believe that the optimal investment vehicle for value-added and opportunistic investing is a private real estate investment platform, guided by highly entrepreneurial owners and operators who have a strong track record of maximizing value at all points in the cycle.

We concentrate primarily on long-term growth markets with the following three main characteristics:

  1. High barriers of entry for the development of new commercial projects
  2. A reputation for high quality of life
  3. A history of long-term job formation

Markets that fit these criteria have shown to maintain their balance of supply and demand in terms of office space and labor, while also providing greater protection during an economic downturn.

We’ve spent more than 30 years creating strong and enduring relationships that give us access to a broad spectrum of opportunities in these markets. This allows us to take advantage of ambitious projects and exclusive opportunities that other firms can’t.

Investment Criteria

We believe that there are two dimensions to investment success: finding economically attractive opportunities and strategically executing on those opportunities.

Our criteria for an investment includes the following:

  • Land, office, industrial, multi-family and retail properties or portfolios
  • Value-added and core-plus acquisitions
  • Distressed note purchases
  • Partnership recapitalizations
  • Located within the United States

With these criteria serving as the foundation of our investment activities, we’ve been able to maximize success and financial return for our partners for more than 30 years.

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