The primary focus of our operating platform is minimizing risk and maximizing return while consistently delivering a superior, sustainable work environment for our tenants.

  • Constant focus on creating, enhancing and maintaining value from due diligence to disposition
  • Rigorous due diligence provides the foundation for our real estate investment decisions
  • Astute asset management is all about sizing up the strategic significance of value-creating decisions linked to alternative and equally plausible courses of action
  • Reducing building life cycle costs
  • Attainment of Energy Star and LEED ratings


Our Value Optimization Plan is a comprehensive plan jointly prepared by our leasing, finance, property and asset management teams to identify the property’s value creation opportunities in terms of physical improvement, operational efficiencies and leasing potential.

  • What will physically be done to the property to enhance value post acquisition
  • The prime drivers that determine pricing relative to the competitive set
  • How and to whom our space will be marketed